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  • Introduction

  •      Shengxing Machinery co.,Ltd.is a techinque-oriented manufacturer specializing in casting,finishing and developing auto parts.Founded in 1998,our company now covers an area of 300 acres,and has more than 500 employees Depending on 1 Staic perssure molding line 2 East-long molding linse of Tokyo Japen,4 lost foam molding lines and about 200 processing equipments,annual capacity of shengxing is around 150000 tons.
         We manufacture brake drums,beake discs,wheel hubs,diff cases,carriers,bearing caps,engine boxes,brake back plates,brake shoes etc.Theses products supply for DFAC,CUMMINS DFLZ,Sino-Trunk etc.We try our best to service them,and we are the A-Class strategic supplier of DDAC.
         Shengxing's main manufactory site is located in a famous historic and cultural city---Suizhou of Hubei Province where excaveated Zeng-Hou-Yi bells and also is the birthplace of Yandi.With the superior geographical position,convenient transportation and the exquisite scenery,it will be our honour to welcome friends all over the world to visit our company.

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