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  • ¡¡¡¡Dear customer friend, you can contact us by phone, fax and e-mail, welcome to visit our company, negotiate business.
    Company£º Suizhou Shengxing Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Website£º www.shengxing-hb.com
    Address£º Xingguang industrial park£¬Suizhou£¬Hubei province
    Postal code£º 441300
    Telephone£º 0722-3316508
    Fax£º 0722-3313268
    Mobile£º 13886884859  Mr.Bao(General Manager)
    Email£º taiyuan7832@163.com
  • Company phone£º86-0722-3316508 Contact Fax£º86-0722-3321029 Phone number£º13886884859 Company address£ºBeijiao Suizhou City Star Industrial Park
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