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  • In 2012 China engineering machinery market trends

    Although this year China economic slowdown is a foregone conclusion, but China large-scale construction machinery maker Sany CEO Xiang Wenbo is still optimistic about the prospects for the domestic market in 2012. This year, the domestic construction machinery market scale is expected to reach 500000000000 Yuan ~ 600000000000 yuan.

    China engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises overseas M & A is the inevitable trend. Now, large-scale overseas M & A has just begun.

    Although this year the industry growth will slow down, but the gross domestic product is still in the high growth stage, I still bullish on China construction machinery market in 2012.

    Growth China GDP in 2011 reached 9.2%, and this year the establishment of the GDP growth target of 7.5%. Strong domestic market is an important reason Chinese engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises to rise. According to previously published China engineering machinery industry in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", to 2015, Chinese engineering machinery industry sales will reach 900000000000 yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

    Chinese scale construction machinery market accounted for 47% of the world in 2010, estimated in 2011 this proportion will increase.

    Chinese market accounts for half the global market size, China engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises have There is nothing comparable to this advantage in the local market, if can make strategic acquisitions overseas, will promote the enterprises to speed up the development of Chinese.

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