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  • Analysis of high temperature air source heat pump technology in the practical application situation

    High temperature air source heat pump technology is a high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving heating refrigeration technology, can be applied to all of the heating and air conditioning and hot water supply system, and other new energy technology organic combination, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency. High temperature air source heat pump technology is vast, the practical application in engineering mainly have the following several kinds of forms:

    1, coal or fuel oil (gas) boiler: direct alternative heating boiler, with small, small engineering quantity, environmental protection, safety, low operation cost advantage, can be directly heating system without the need for transformation of terminal system, although an investment than conventional heating boiler, but because of its operating cost is only equivalent to coal-fired boiler 60%, increase the investment can be recovered in 3 years;

    2, direct select: use the hot water temperature in some special industries the production water in 60 ¡æ, such as electroplating industry, chemical industry, dyeing industry, tobacco drying;

    3, combined with solar heating system: at present the solar energy more and more applied to the building hot water supply and heating and air conditioning system, but because the instability of solar energy, basically need to conventional energy as auxiliary, such as the use of electric boiler, fuel (gas) boiler auxiliary heating. The combined heat pump and solar energy high temperature air source for building water supply and heating system, on the one hand can save a lot of energy costs, reduce pollution to the environment; on the other hand, low requirement for solar hot water temperature, at the same time to meet the heating temperature greatly improves the heat efficiency of solar collector, reducing heat collecting for investment.

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