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  • China's mold industry sustained and rapid development and the quality of sound

    The rapid development of China economy put forward higher requirements on the mold industry, also provides a tremendous motivation for its development. In the past 10 years, Chinese mould industry has been the rapid development of annual growth rate of around 15%.

    At present, the mold industry expert Luo Baihui preliminary statistics, China about mold production factory at more than 20000, employees about 500000 people, the annual output value of 53400000000 yuan mold. Luo Baihui said, in recent years, the mold industry to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, mainly for the overall growth rate of large, precision, complex, long life mold growth rate than the industry standard parts; plastic mold and die casting mold proportion; professional mold manufacturers quantity and ability of facing market increases rapidly; with the deepening of economic system reform "development, foreign-funded and private enterprises" soon.

    The development of Chinese mould industry exist imbalance in the geographical distribution, the southeast coastal areas to develop faster than the central and western regions, the development of the south to the north. Mold to produce the most concentrated area in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta area, the mold output value accounted for about 2/3 of national output above.

    According to the statistic of association of industry organizations, to nearly 10 years of mold manufacturing industry production, sales, market conditions, industry structure, products and the import and export of detailed analysis, development trend and related industries, and the development of industry in the future of China's mold manufacturing forecast. Luo Baihui thinks, Chinese mold industry in the future will be an annual growth rate of more than 15%.

    This year, Chinese mould industry association has decided to start the quality of industrial activities in the whole industry, including: the guide enterprises to improve quality consciousness, independent commitment to quality responsibility and accept the industry and social supervision; make die casting industry brand construction plan, the die casting enterprise brand construction and special, special, fine construction to combine together, guide enterprises to implement brand strategy, enhance brand market share and brand value; organize relevant mould casting technological quality problem.

    Around the die casting industry, the key common quality problems, including supply chain quality assurance capacity problem, seek state funds support in 2~3 projects, and organize the backbone enterprises, inspection institutions, research institutes to carry out joint research. To strengthen the construction and management of evaluation mechanism for quality control and technology.

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