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  • Chinese machine tool enterprises should change the mechanism of service road walk

    To remain invincible in the fierce market competition in the world, become truly "powerful manufacturing country", manufacturing enterprises China machine must establish a "user centric" business philosophy, to meet customer needs, to help customers to solve problems, changing to a service-oriented manufacturing.

    1, the independent innovation, key technology and parts of the independent research and development production

    A considerable problems of the current development of machine tool industry is Chinese, equipment, key parts in high-end is still heavily dependent on imports, domestic production is in, the low-end equipment, which in the long run is not conducive to the healthy development of the China machine tool industry. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises Chinese machine to constant innovation, independent research and development, and strive to localization of key components and key technology.

    2, take the customer as the center, tailored for customers to provide personalized service

    A core to realize the machine manufacturing industry service, is to take the customer as the center, according to customer demand, tailored, actively provide personalized service for customers.

    3, to implement the integration of the two strategy, accelerate enterprise informatization to transform machine

    Insist on taking a new road to industrialization, and vigorously promote the integration of informatization and industrialization. The development of equipment manufacturing industry must actively make use of information technology and new and high technology, the comprehensive informatization forward. Machine tool enterprises to actively carry out the transformation of information, realize manufacturing process automation and flexibility, ecology, individuation, diversification.

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